The League of Knowledge

Originally formed in the far distant city of Allestia, The League of Knowledge began as a research community of teachers from various universities in the kingdoms of the north east corner of the Firm. What was at first a small group of men has now grown to an organization of thousands, all trying to piece together their knowledge of the realms into a central repository of information. The League still calls Allestia home, but their members range far and wide throughout the Firm, Dream, Shadow and Underfoot. Many taverns have “League Deals” on drink and food. If one can prove they are a League member and weave a great tale of knowledge gained for the gathered crowd, they eat and sleep for free. Retired League members are sought out as tutors, teachers and librarians throughout all the Realms.

In the Viori Kingdoms, those that are true members of the League are rather rare but revered. They infrequently pay for food and lodging, are often guests of nobles and royalty and are treated as great treasures. While many of the capital cities have small League houses, the only large scale League opperation is in the city of Lah’kola, where a League elder, Phenious Tanglestaff, works as the head of the Lah’kola library. While retired, Professor Tanglestaff teaches weekly classes on historical writings and often takes on students that are interested in charts, maps and topography







The League of Knowledge

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