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Deities of Verden

Lord of the Prime
Father of the Dwarves
A Lord of all Creation, Bear is kind and jovial to those that call for his aid. The dwarves call him Father, and hold him as the guardian of their home and hearth. He is a crafter of armor and shield, a lover of metalworking. His teachings are simple:
◦ Family is important
◦ Strength should be used wisely
◦ Create things that will last

The Lady of Dreaming
Mother of the Fae
The patron of the Realm of Dream and the mistress of the fae, the Mother Raven is one of the most widely respected goddesses throughout the lands. Mothers pray to her for safe birth while fathers ask her to protect their families. Her name is invoked at marriages and births, her name bringing safety. Her followers believe:
◦ Value your family and community above yourself.
◦ Home is haven, violence in the home is unconscionable.
◦ Teach all so that all may understand the truth.

The Lord of Light
Maker of the Deva
The Lord of Light delights in life and celebrates creation in all of its forms. He is often worshiped by the common man and his priests are received well wherever they wander.
◦ Bring the Light to all corners of the world
◦ Show kindness, mercy and compassion to all.
◦ Alleviate suffering in all forms.

The Lady of Darkness
Mother of the Ah’ved
She is the End of All Things, the darkness that swallows life. The Mother of Shadows demands obedience from her followers, and teaches them as follows:
◦ Mercy is for the weak, pity nothing.
◦ Death is inevitable, bring it where needed.
◦ Punish hubris where it is found, for even the proud must know the touch of death.

Master of Magic
The Quiet Lord
Dragon contemplates the universe while sitting at in swirling magic of the Tween. Those who desire to unlock the power of magic call him patron; sages, librarians, scribes, teachers and mages. Often, his followers mimic his actions, as he teaches little:
◦ Acquire knowledge, power and wealth. Horde.
◦ Logic and contemplation guide one better than rash thought.
◦ Rely on your own self, to depend on others is folly.

The Mountain Warrior
Creator of the Giants and Earthen
Boar took the mountains his brother formed, and made them his own. By using their pattern as a lesson, he formed the ideals of combat tactics. The soldiers that follow him:
◦ Obey the rules of warfare
◦ Never turn from a fight
◦ Believe that strength is born of unity

The Fury of Fire
Mother of the Orc
The fury of the Tiger is legendary, the warriors that scream her name in battle are feared throughout the realms. She revels in battle and bloodshed. Those that follow her strive to achieve perfection in body and warfare, pleasing her through the fire burning in their hearts. Her commands are simple:
◦ Test your physical power in contests and in battle.
◦ Strength is worth your respect, follow no weakling.
◦ Fear nothing.

The Howling Wind
The Mother of the Volken
The Storm Mother’s howl signals the coming of battle, which her children fight with honor and brotherhood. She also calls storms to land and sea, so many pay homage to her for desired weather. Those that follow her believe:
◦ Every mortal is a member of a pack
◦ Be strong, but do not use your strength for destructive intent.
◦ Loyalty to your pack breeds loyalty among your pack. Be true to your brothers, always.

The Traveling Water Queen
Mother to the Gnomes
The Goddess of freedom, adventure and travel, her roadside shrines are often havens of safety for the adventuring souls of the Domains. A smiling goddess, she teaches:
◦ Seek adventure in your daily life
◦ Defend freedom and fight tyranny
◦ Change is part of life, make it for the better

The Celestial Sun Lord
Father of the Leonid
It is said the Lord of the Sun helped create the first civilization of mortals. As the crafter of the first laws, his temples hold prominent position in the major cities of the realms. Rulers, judges, citizens and soldiers revere him still:
◦ Justice is for all, be not vengeful in its dealing.
◦ Respect the law and honor your people’s traditions.
◦ Demonstrate honor, loyalty and steadfast devotion to a rightful cause.

The Running Moon
Little Lord of the Halfling
Small in stature but strong in heart, the clever Rabbit always seems to come out on top. Sometimes it is through luck, but more often it is due to his ability to think quickly and never doubt himself. His dedicated followers are often fearless souls that look at every situation as a puzzle to be solved. He teaches that:
◦ Luck befalls those that do not doubt themselves.
◦ The answer is within you, never stop looking.
◦ Creativity often breeds success.

The Lingering Moon
Master of the Tiefling
The Horned God turns his eyes toward the future of the Realms and sings songs of tomorrow. God of musicians, fortune tellers and those who seek great change, The Stag’s gifts can sometimes be hard to bear. He teaches:
◦ Tomorrow comes, be prepared.
◦ Listen to the moon, sometimes wisdom comes from strange places.
◦ Secrets are powerful, keep them close.

The Laughing God of Stars
Trickster God of Humanity
Coyote lives by his wits and laughter, loving nothing more than tricking another into doing his will. Patron of thieves, lords, merchants and peasants, all call his name for luck during hard times. Coyote’s followers believe that:
◦ Wit and Curiosity serve one well
◦ Never use a blade if a smile or laugh will work
◦ Eat, drink and be merry, do not waste the good.

The Loving Spring
Mother of the Shifters
The mistress of beauty and love, she is revered by artists, lovers and gallant souls throughout the realms. She is a flirtatious and loving goddess, but will only give her heart to the faithful. Her worshipers follow these tenants:
◦ Seek beauty and love in all forms
◦ Follow your passion and heart.
◦ Celebrate the beginning of all things.

The Galloping Summer
Creator of the Elf
The Green God of Summer is a lord of nature and all wild places. He teaches mortals to take only what one needs from with wild, to live in harmony with that which surrounds them. His dedicated servants believe:
◦ Take what you need from nature, but respect its power.
◦ Protect the wild places from exploitation.
◦ Respect the savagery of nature and revere the world’s natural beauty.

The Harvest Fall
Father of the Minotaur
The god that brought true agriculture to the mortals, the Ox is the lord of the bountiful harvest and creator of the horn of plenty. Those that venerate him treasure fertility and are the defenders of those that cannot defend themselves.
◦ Be fruitful and multiply.
◦ Celebrate life, especially the young.
◦ Never turn your back on a young creature in need, for they are tomorrow.

The Wise Winter
Mother of the Drae
The Wise One encourages excellence and leads mortals to great destinies. However, one must endure pain, suffering and strife in order to find the perfection of one’s own soul. Her followers walk the difficult roads of life, never shirking duty or doubting their fortitude.
◦ Never give up, never surrender.
◦ Suffering teaches, luxury deceives.
◦ The wisdom of life is not given, but experienced.








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