Courts of the Fae

The Courts of the Fae

Rulers of the Dream and bedtime stories for children upon the Firm, the Courts of the Fae are decidedly one of the most interesting groups within the entire breadth of the Verden Realms. An attempt by the various fae residents of the Dream to create an evenhanded system of leadership between their various brother-species, The Courts have grown into a political machine of rather impressive size and power.

Originally, the idea was to create one great Court where any fae could bring their grievances to their fair-minded elders to be heard. However, within just a few short years, clear faction lines could be seen amongst those in attendance. So, it was decided to openly recognize such and incorporate these differences into the system itself. Six separate Courts were fashioned, each holding power of their members. In the event that members of separate Courts feud, a method of choosing an impartial mediator was incorporated.

Over time, the Courts have become a powerful tool in preventing foolish war and unnecessary bloodshed in the Plane of Dream. While the various Courts do bicker amongst themselves and life is lost to duels and feuds, it pales in comparison to the legions of dead that have littered battlefields throughout the Firm over similar disagreements.

Originally, a fae could choose which court to give their allegiance. But, due to the only “war” within the Court, now your membership is dictated by your birth. Any god-sparked creature born within the Plane of Dream is imprinted by the power of a Court immediately. Those fae creatures born outside of Dream will usually find a mark upon them within a few years of adulthood or their first journey into the Dream. And, more often than not, those chosen by a Court began to reflect the appearance of that Courts membership.

Many different factors go into which of the Six Courts will choose a child. Since the Courts themselves are divided by the touch their Mother Raven, most members reflect the same. The Six Courts are as follows:

The Court of Spring
This joyful Court tends to choose sparks that possesses a deep sense of wonder and awe at the world. They hold tight to the belief that life should be a delight; that experiences should be enjoyed. The darker of their membership tend to seek happiness at the expense of others. Their present leader is a well-respected Eladrin who rules the City of Ethel’Lote, Lord Ruler Rion.

The Court of Summer
The Bright Lords of Summer often choose sparks that are full of life and strong in heart. Their Court tends to believe in the law, justice and a sense of right. Unfortunately, some among their membership take these beliefs to extremes. Currently, they are led by the Lady Ruler Pirya, an Eladrin that champions the idea of balance within the law – something she struggles to maintain within her own Court.

The Court of Fall
The merry members of the Autumn Lords are a very complex Court. While they believe in celebration and relaxation, they also believe on must work in order to attain such rewards. Therefore, it is not uncommon for their Court to choose sparks reflecting both sides of this coin. The Lord Ruler Faolchu is their current leader, but rumor has leaked this Eladrin intends to retire soon. None know who he may choose to take his place.

The Court of Winter
The quiet Court of Winter is one feared throughout the Dream. The sparks chosen by their Court reflect a sense of grim determination and passive sorrow. They do not speak often, but when their leaders do choose to voice an opinion, all listen. The Lady Ruler Morralain, Eladrin ruler of Hrive’Gurn, leads this solemn Court.

The Court of Tears
Reflecting the tears shed in the sorrow of Mother Raven during her vigil, the Court of Tears tends to choose sparks that have been born into great suffering. The Court believes in overcoming pain and finding the rewards that survival provides. The Eladrin knight, Kaladan, currently holds the title of Lord Ruler within their Court.

The Court of the Cave
The oddity of the Court, the Cave Lords are the only Court that holds sway upon the Firm. Seeking out sparks with adventuresome natures, this Court is comprised of varying personalities, ideals and goals. Such as not hindered their growth in number, but it has prevented them from retaining control over some cities within the Dream. The elderly gnome, Tavish Tickletoes, bears the title of Lord Ruler within this Court.







Courts of the Fae

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