Based on a pure lunar cycle (Created by the brilliant Little Lord Rabbit) – the calendar reflects a year of 13 lunar months – Elder, Elemental and Celestial Gods. Every month has 28 days, a perfect four weeks. Unlike the earth, this system actually balances with the solar calendar as well – due to the Week of the Stag where all of the Celestial Bodies cease to move and the heavens reset themselves.

Usually, the first day of a month, a festival is held for the god for whom the month is named. As well, the first day of the season is celebrated as the Holy Day of its particular Seasonal god. However, the first day of the year is the exception, for it is also the First Day of Spring, the First day of the Month of Bear and the end of the Week of the Stag. The entire week is a celebration of rebirth – the first day being “The Awakening of Bear” and the seventh day the “Holy Day of Spring.”

The Calendar of the Verden Realms
Month Holy Days Date of Holy Day
The Spring Fox
1st of Bear till 7th of Lion
Month of the Bear Bear's Holy Day - Awakening
Holy Day of Spring - Festival
1st day of Bear
7th day of the Bear
Month of the Rabbit Rabbit's holy day - Fool's Day
Spring Equinox - Day of the Learned
1st day of Rabbit
18th day of Rabbit
Month of the Crane Crane's Holy Day - Day of Beauty
Lover's Day - Day of Merriment
1st Day of Crane
15th Day of Crane
Month of the Lion Lion's Holy Day - Day of Denial
First Day of Summer
1st day of Lion
8th day of Lion
The Summer Horse
8th of Lion till 14th of Dragon
Month of the Eagle Eagle's Holy Day - Day of Mercy
Summer Solstice - Day of Light
1st day of Eagle
25th day of Eagle
Month of the Tiger Tiger's Holy Day - The Day of Challenge
Warrior's Day - Day of Battle (battle games)
1st day of Tiger
20th day of Tiger
Month of Dragon Dragon's Holy Day - Quiet Day
First Day of Fall - The Burning Day
Unification Day
1st day of Dragon
15th day of Dragon
18th day of Dragon
The Fall Ox
15th of Dragon till 21st of Raven
Month of the Boar Boar's Holy Day - Day of Rest
Craftsman's Day(contests of skill and ability)
1st day of the Boar
5th day of the Boar
Month of the Coyote Coyote's Holy Day - Trick Night
Fall Equinox - Harvest Day
1st day of Coyote
4th day of Coyote
Month of the Raven Raven's Holy Day - The Gathering
First Day of Winter - Winter Festival
1st day of Raven
22nd day of Raven
The Winter Owl
22nd of Raven till 28th of Stag
Month of the Wolf Wolf's Holy Day - Wild Hunt
Howling Day (song and performance day)
1st day of Wolf
10th day of Wolf
Month of the Snake Snake's Holy Day - Remembering the Dead
Winter Solstice - Gift Day
1st day of Snake
18th day of Snake
Month of the Stag Stag's holy Day - Wish Day
Last day of Winter - Night's Watch
1st day of Stag
28th day of Stag
The Week of the Stag
Begins at sunset on the Last day of Winter
Lasts seven days
Ends at sunrise on the First day of Spring








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