The Writings of Salkana

A small, well-used book bound in grey leather, this book contains the writings of the swordmage Masters Salkana and Vardis.


(based off of the Final Sleep Ki Focus)
Item Slot: Ki Focus

Critical Hit: 1d12 per plus

Enhancement: +1 to attack and damage rolls

Property: Whenever you reduce an enemy to 0 hp or less, shift 1 as a free action.


Wrapped in fey panther skin and a multitude of ribbon, this book was originally penned by the legendary swordmage Salkana as a sort of travel journal. To the casual observer, most pages contain amazing drawings of and tactics for defeating various creatures of the planes, taken from the experiences of Salkana herself. Later handed down to her son Vardis, his writings can also be found in the same vein in this tome, making it a near-priceless repository for adventurers, and an incomparable treasure for swordmages.

And that’s not the amazing part.

When the book was recently handed down to Vardis’s grandson Victor, the true magic of the book became evident. While Victor can read the standard pages of the book, the writings also tend to reform for him into theories and postulations on the nature of aesthetic magic. Being untrained for so long in his true nature, Victor has found it an invaluable source of information. As he mastered the forms and tactics of the book, he thought to add his own ideas in the last few blank pages of the journal, only to find that, so far, there is never a real ‘last page;’ a new one appears whenever he turns the page. Victor has begun writing in earnest in his new journal, having his wife Mel add to it as she will from an additional perspective so as to have more input on his new-found powers.

While Victor can see the hidden writings of Salkana, it seems that swordmages can see the hidden writings of Vardis, making this a coveted tome, indeed. Recently it was explained by Salkana that the book uses an ancient form of magic, tapping into the author’s subconscious to answer the questions written in its pages. While such a marvelous book may seem a frightening weakness if captured by a hostile force, Salkana assured Victor and Conner that anyone attempting to do so would fail, and at their immediate and ultimate ruin. Victor, for one, has no reason not to believe her.

The Writings of Salkana

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