Tori Wrathmourn, Princess of WrathMourn

Beloved of her people, the sole Princess of Wrathmourn and newly acquired swordmage apprentice to the great Vardis has a lust for life that is contagious... just ask her beau, Prince Aldric!


Tori Wrathmourn often lives up to her nickname, Lightning Bug. The little sister of King Luther Wrathmourn, she was raised in a house full of sadness and darkness. Her father was abusive until her mother brutally murdered him at the dinner table – her brother was made king of a somber country when he was just a child. But Tori has always been happy – she is the bright spot in the kingdom – the light of Wrathmourn.

Not that long ago, her brother sent her to be fostered with the children of Taur’on. Luther hoped his little sister would finally find her nitch in life – and did she ever. Within a few weeks, she was a student of the greatest swordmage in the Valley, Elder Father Vardis. Delighting in her studies, she took to the training with her usual zeal. And she has proven to be an excellent student. She quickly made friends with all of the Taur’onian children, became Caroline’s new troublemaking team-mate and has also won the heart of young prince Aldric. The family has begun to tease the two when the wedding can be expected.


Tori Wrathmourn, Princess of WrathMourn

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