Queen Caroline Taur'on

The little sister of the party, heart of a kingdom, and new Queen of Taur'on.


Small and delicate in appearance, it takes only a moment to realize she is stronger than she seems. Her hair is a deep auburn and falls in thick waves just past her shoulders. Her green eyes always seem to be twinkling just slightly as she grins.

While she is obviously human, her mixed heritage does show through. She possesses the glowing skin and long fingers of her eladrin grandfather while her elven heritage is clear in her eyes, cheekbones and build.


The youngest child of Queen Mother Victoria and Lord Consort Adaron, Caroline’s birth was considered a miracle in the kingdom. Born a month early, her and her twin brother barely survived their birth. Only through the careful watch of their Aunt Blair did they make it to their third birthday. Often sickly, she spent a great deal of her youth reading rather than climbing trees. While her brothers were learning the arts of combat and warfare, she watched from the sidelines or followed her mother while she did her daily work.

Queen Caroline Taur'on

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