Conner Taur'on

Youngest son of Queen Mother, Victoria the Second


Conner Taur’on is the youngest son of the Queen mother, Victoria, and twin brother to the sitting queen, Caroline. His public persona is that of a young prince, knowledgeable in the ways of state, loyal to family and friends in the way a Taur’onian can be, and hampered by physical weakness that limits only his mobility.

His moods are mercurial and he is occasionally overshadowed by his more physically competent brothers and cousins, and his more publically known sister. He has arcane power and is given to arcane study. His courtship of a princess of Mordova is politically groundbreaking, in that the two countries have never been particularly close, but in the light of the recent plague and its consequences, the relationship has proven beneficial to both nations.

Conner might be seen as a “mother’s boy” if one did not know him or his mother too well. He seems to hold the interests of his nation as a priority in his dealings, and he has only once broken his princely demeanor in public. While not a perfect diplomat, nor a skilled tactician, his skills as a linguist offer his nation benefit for the future.

Privately, Conner has very specific interests. His arcane studies are directed towards the plague that ravages the land and sets the dead walking on the earth. His family knows his interests in the plague are more than academic, and he has been denied access to the materials he needs to pursue this study. This is to keep him from the precipice of a dangerous abyss that they cannot be sure he is aware of.

While he is a dedicated student, Conner does not give all his time to his studies. His greatest joy seems to be his time spent with Adelie of Mordova. This has become the subject of much “fist bumping”, and the occasional ribbing, but Conner can be seen, truly at peace, simply sharing a puzzle, or walking with or simply having a meal with her. Conner’s studies or his travels frequently find him agitated, even obsessed at times. Her presence, though, tends to discourage distraction. Even the most pressing dilemma is easily set aside at her request.

Conner Taur'on

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