Clayton Jefferson

Retired soilder and adventurer. Now runs and owns the Safe Haven inn, located in Shadow Hall.


Clayton was born on the 15th of the Coyote, a serf to a lowly noble in the country of Mordova. A fairly unremarkable beginning.

His parents worked the land for the local lord, and they grew up penniless. When Clay was fourteen, his mother came down with a sickness of the lungs and passed away during the winter. In the following the spring, Clayton’s father Jeff did one the bravest thing ever. He took his son and left the country to look for a better life.

The following year was hard, but no tougher than working in Mordova. They traveled south, in hopes of finding a small place to call home. Then finally, they arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel; Taur’on.

In Taur’on, Jeff found a job working at an orchard outside of Debois. Clayton however, was now 15 and looking for a place in the world. He joined the army, hoping to see the world and learn some skills to further his education; and learn he did. For the first time in his life, not only did he have new clothes, but a roof over his head, food to eat and a purpose. He learned to read and write, speak other languages, and to use the sword.

During his years with the military, Clayton showed promise and rose quickly through the ranks. When his five year term of service was up, he was still very young. At only 20, he was a Captain and leaving the army to start the rest of his life.

He started out joining dwarven caravans doing basic guard work, making friends and contacts along the way. He eventually starting joining adventuring companies and looking for contract work. Nothing large ever came into his field of vision. For the better part of his career, he mostly took contracts that could basically be described as extermination work. Clean out infestations of magical creatures in certain areas, track down bandit groups and bring them to justice, and forced recon.

Finally, Clayton contracted his own adventuring group. All of them were young and excited to get started, and Clay was looking forward to doing some real good in the world. Unfortunately most of the jobs they were able to get were more of the same. Then one day, they were finishing a job in Lah’kola when the war between Fario and Glanmor broke out. Looking for extra work that is always available during war-time, Clayton and his group traveled up the Agar river trying to find a job. That is when they arrived at the town of Dunwell on the Fario side of the river.

It was relatively small and offered no strategic military advantage to either side. It was merely a speed bump for a legion of troops for the Glanmor army as they started from the southern part of the river and worked their way north. Dunwell needed help holding the army long enough till troops from Fario could arrive to reinforce the south. The pay was small, but they were offered to keep all the loot they found during the fighting. Clay also had hopes of receiving some compensation from the country of Fario. They took the job.

Like most defensive wars, Clayton’s crew immediately did their best to restrict movement for the other army. Burned down the bridge across the river, caused rock slides in what valleys they could to limit movement, all the usual tricks. Days turned to weeks, weeks into months. The days were long as Clay and his party attacked supply lines, killed out-riders with scout reports, and used ambush tactics to maximize casualties. They started to lose their morale when they heard that a unit of Fario troops were en route to Dunwell. Unfortunately, the Glanmor army heard the same reports and decided to make one final push and overwhelm them.

Clayton and his party had half a day to prepare for the upcoming battle, and they did everything they could to use the terrain to their advantage during the fight, but it was still going to be a tall order. The battle was 12 hours long, and two of Clayton’s friends died during the fighting. The job was done however. The troops arrived from Fario the next morning. The Glanmor legion left to receive new orders. However, the Fario army was there only to resupply. They took every scrap of food and money the town had, even the good horses. The following morning they were gone and the city was left even worse than before. With news of the army heading out, Glanmor headed back to finish the job and continue up the river.

Clayton and his remaining friends left to go back to Lah’kola. They were broken and disheartened. Once there they broke apart. Clay heard that the King of Dwyndon was getting involved to resolve the conflict and decided it was best to head there for a bit of piece and quiet. On his way home to Debois, he stopped in a town called Shadow Hall. He liked the quiet little place. Away from any conflict and in a spot for good travel and commerce. The inn was in poor shape and the owner was looking to sell it. Clayton purchased it from the owner and has been there ever since.

Six years have passed since Clayton took over the Safe Haven, and he has found a nice place in the world to retire. Unfortunately, nothing like a good night of the living dead scenario for Clayton to dust off the swords…

Clayton Jefferson

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