Cedric, The Rose Lion

A bastion of strength and wisdom, Lord Captain of the Rose Guards of Taur'on, beloved brother and godfather.


In the Viori Kingdoms, the race of Leonid is small in number. Yet, there are several maned-men that have made lasting marks upon the Kingdom’s people. Cedric is just such a Leonid.

His parents were merchants from across the Dorian Sea, travelers to Taur’on with a caravan of goods from Corsair. Bandits struck the wagon train, and poor Cedric’s parents were killed in the conflict. Unsure what to do with the cub, he was left at the orphanage in Thorn.

The patrons of the orphanage were quite worried about their new charge. The young Leonid was quite distraught and it was possible the cub would prove to be dangerous. They sat him on a wooden bench outside their office and began to discuss what would be best to do with him. While they talked, another orphan boy, an elf named Adaron, walked by and noticed the sadness consuming the cub. Adaron sat upon the bench next to him, put his arm about Cedric’s shoulders and said, “Do not worry, Furry Brother. I’ll be your family from now on.”

And so it was. The two boys became inseparable. Where one walked, the other followed. If one received an extra roll at dinner for good behavior, he shared it with the other. When Adaron had problems learning to read, it was Cedric that taught him his letters. When Cedric had difficultly learning to ride a horse, it was Adaron that showed him how to calm the beast. And always, they called one another “Brother.”

When they reached the age to leave the orphanage, they decided to become adventurers, answering a poster seeking assistance with a wagon train heading to Lah’kola. There, in the famed Adventurer’s City, they hired on with another troop. Over the next few years they bounced from group to group, always seeking someone they could call “Brother.”

Instead, they found a “Sister.” While serving with an adventuring group called, ‘The Daring Dirk,’ they found themselves paired up with another well known troop called, ‘The Broken Order.’ Among their members was a fiery girl that looked like a princess, but fought like a banshee. And to their surprise, she was from Thorn as well. In a matter of weeks, they had all three become fast friends. When the Dirk and Order parted ways, Cedric and Adaron stayed with their new friend, Vivian Taur’on.

A year or so later, Vivian begged the two to accompany her to her winter lodging and meet her family. She had written so many letters home telling of her two friends, she wanted her sister to meet them. Cedric and Adaron obliged. After all, what orphan wouldn’t want to call a royal castle home for a few months?

As Cedric watched his brother meet young princess Victoria, he could not help but grin. He turned to Vivian and asked her, “Did you expect this?” She replied, “Expect it, Furry Brother? I bet money on it.”

When Adaron decided to remain at the castle to win the hand of Victoria, Cedric choose to stay as well; after all, his pale brother would need some assistance. The two immediately joined the army and began to work diligently to earn Adaron as many honors as they could.

While Adaron earned the heart of young Victoria, Cedric earned her friendship. As the years passed, he became a godfather to their children and a respected member of the family. Then came the Winter of 825.

Cedric was leading the mad dash to the gates when he realized that his brother was guarding the rear alone. He reached Adaron too late to save him. However, he was able to get his body to safety. Members of the Rose Guard say that Cedric refused to allow any other to carry Adaron’s body – and he alone shouldered the burden of telling the Queen of her husband’s death.

Adaron’s death weighed heavy on the young Leonid. He became somber and quiet, often spending time alone in the Keep’s library. While Cedric took up his brother’s position as the Captain of the Rose Guard, he also began to attend religious ceremonies with more frequency. As well, he took upon himself a great deal of the care of his brother’s children. They call him Uncle, and he does all he can to be there when they need him. For Cedric, they are his family, and family is always there when needed.

Cedric, The Rose Lion

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