Blair Taur'on

Elder Aunt and High Priestess of the Raven


A lovely woman, the half-elven Blair bears many of the Taur’on family traits; laughing green eyes, a light dash of freckles across her nose and an witty grin. She wears her blond hair loose, with a slight twist to keep it from her face. And as always, a ebony holy symbol to her Lady Raven is about her neck.

Time has been very kind to the Elder Aunt of the Tauronian Family. Even though she is in her 50’s, Blair shows little sign of age. Slight laugh-lines can be seen about her eyes and mouth, and a touch of gray hides in her gold locks. However she does dress her age, often wearing the robes of an elder matron.


The youngest princess born to the late Queen Emma of Taur’on – Blair always figured she would not have to worry about kingdom matters. She had three elder sisters to deal with political issues, a brother who was gung-ho about leading the army someday. Little Blair was free to be what she wanted. While clearly gifted by the Lady Raven, Blair longed to travel rather than be tied to the priesthood, her greatest desire to see every inch of the Firm.

However, fate drove quite a wedge into that possibility. Her elder two sisters were murdered while visiting Westwick, leaving her sister Carrie to become Queen after her mother – and Blair now second in line to the throne. Carrie had also not worried to much about political matters, had married a dashing young eladrin adventurer. But worse, Carrie was not well; the future Queen was known to have a weakness of the lung. It was worried she might not even live long enough to bear children. What was Blair to do?

The answer? Run away with the circus. The boisterous young princess disapeared into the night, leaving her kingdom behind and forsaking all desire to rule. For years she traveled the Firm, usually in the company of traveling performers. It is said she made quite a name for herself as an actress and performer in lands far distant. And so things were for fifteen years…

Until suddenly, one day Blair returned to Taur’on. Her sister held no ill will, and in fact, appointed Blair official High Priestess of the family in the span of only a few months. Blair married a family clerk of some note, name Thomas – and within a few years, gave birth to a wonderful daughter she named Allison. It seems she was ready to settle down…

Many years later, now in her 50’s, Blair’s adventuresome past seems far behind her. She is now the dedicated Priestess of Taur’on and loyally serves her people. She has stood beside three Queens of Taur’on – Caroline the Third, Victoria the Second (her niece) and now, young Caroline the Fourth – and the lovely half-elf shows no sign of retiring any day soon.

Blair Taur'on

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