Alistair Fisher

Ex-Artificer Professor at the WestWick War College, now National Treasure of Taur'on and Beloved Uncle


An elder gentleman with small spectacles and a friendly smile, Fisher is always talking about something – his hands gesturing while his mind wanders through interesting theories of magic and structure. He often has a smudge of dirt upon his face, and his hair a bit askew.


Alistair Fisher was born in the lands of WestWick, the youngest son of a family full of warrior tradition. However, a sword was of no interest to Fisher, as he spent most his time with his head in a book or building some odd contraption.

As with all members of his family, it was expected for him to attend the Bruellean War College, but Fisher was not the best of students. While he excelled in classes on theory and strategy, his marks were quite miserable in combat and horsemanship. It helped little he was also painfully shy and rather poor at speaking to people. Fisher was quite afraid he would be the first of his family to be dismissed from school.

Then he met Dominique, Crown Princess of Taur’on. A rather shy and bookish woman as well, the two met in the library as they both sought out the same book. Hours later, they were both unceremoniously removed from the library for being too loud – something no other student or teacher would have dreamed the two of ever being accused of being. The next week they became inseparable – Fisher would make paper flowers for her in his swordmanship classes while Dominique carved a wooden heart locket for Fisher. It was quite obvious the two were meant for one another. Fisher’s brilliance in magical theory and item creation began to shine under the encouragement of Dominique.

However, happiness was not to be theirs – Dominique and her sister Katherine were both murdered – and poor Fisher was left heartbroken. The College kept him on as a teacher, and for years he taught magical theory to the students. It was quite normal to see him wandering the halls, talking animatedly to himself as students stare.

Recently, Fisher has left the college for the lands of his love. The young children of the Queen visited the college and after meeting Fisher, adopted him as family. Now he can be found in the castle of his lost Dominique, teaching magic to her grand-nephews.

Alistair Fisher

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