Aldric Taur'on

Second son of Queen Mother, Victoria the Second. The spirit walker. Quiet, wise and strong.


Aldric is a quiet, contemplative figure amongst his family. He stands taller than all his other siblings, a striking six feet tall, broad shouldered and lean. His skin tone shows to be a little darker from years spent amongst the wild places as a child with his teacher, Illona, learning the ways of the spirits from her. He is rugged and tough, his endurance second to none, though his physical strength is a little less than that of the other triplets. He has deep, piercing blue eyes that seem to be privy to far, far more than they should, and neat, shoulder length brown hair frames his face. He remains clean shaven, and has strong, striking features resembling his father in many ways. Many say he resembles his Father more than any of his siblings, but is distinctly less elven in the rest of his physical appearance. He retains the typical half-elven pointed ears, but seems to lean more towards the human blood of his mother in regard to his build, and stature. Still the elven blood of his father does show through in many ways on his face, and more subtly, in his hands, which are large and yet retain a strong measure of elven influence in how they are shaped. Typically, he wears a simple white robe with red trim over a pair of leather pants and close fitting tunic, his hair is smooth and kept neat. A totem in the form of an ivory raven hangs from his belt, and if he is wielding a weapon, a long spear hangs from his back, or is held in his left hand. A spirit animal, the constant companion of any shaman, typically can be seen with him wherever he goes. While traveling he wears a beautiful set of deep brown leather armor, intricately tooled and crafted, with a simple light brown traveling cloak around his shoulders. He is quick to smile, but slow to speak, preferring to listen and contribute his thoughts only when he feels they will be heard, and heeded. His quiet strength supports his family always, and his eyes remain on the watch for dangers both physical, and spiritual in nature.


Aldric, the second son of the elder triplets born to the Queen Mother of Taur’on has always been a quiet and contemplative member of the family ever since he was a young boy. His early childhood was not much different than that of his brothers; filled with great happiness and love. However, Aldric possessed a gift that would sometimes inject the odd moment of abject terror into his young life. Being touched by the realm of the spirit, he saw the world in a different way than any other member of his family. Spirits of all kinds would come to him, the small child that he was, and it was no small wonder that he rarely spoke and seemed to be in near paralyzing fear at times, especially whenever he would go near the wing where his ancestor, Albert Taur’on was kept before his death many years before Aldric’s birth.

Thankfully, the members of the royal family were quick to realize Aldric’s gift, and brought in the Minotaur Illona, a wise shaman hailing from the lands of Byton to teach him. Soon after her arrival Aldric began to speak more, and as he learned more about the world that only he and Illona could see, began to come out of his shell. Eventually he was like any other happy young child in appearance, but would still refuse to go anywhere near Albert’s wing and would never say why. As Aldric grew he developed into a tough, rugged and strong framed man, adapting to the wilds swiftly with his teacher’s help, learning to commune with the spirits of animals, and even those of people, at an early age. He progressed quickly, developing a gift for the healing arts as well as in his ability to fight both with the long spear, which he feels a small degree of pride for being that his father was a master spear fighter, along with the power of the natural world around him. He touches on all the elements, from the power of freezing ice, to the destructive force of fire, he uses all of them to defend his family when they fall under attack.

Aldric’s primary focus of late has been healing, and ensuring that when he and his siblings and cousin fall victim to attack, or find themselves fighting off a threat with physical force, that all of them survive the fray and can return home to the rest of their family. In this regard, he has excelled and come in to his own quite splendidly. Aldric also is rather adept at politics, and while not nearly as boisterous as his elder brother Victor, nor as clever as his younger brother Felix, he realizes that though his reserved demeanor hinders his abilities in that regard somewhat, he can offer aid to his family in the political arena if called to do so. He is content being a quiet observer in this regard, preferring to add his thoughts to a political discussion or debate only if his council is sought.
As the realm continues it’s journey forwards towards the looming unknown, Aldric remains steadfast and unflinching, the wisdom of his heart guiding him to make sure that there is always a quiet, calm, and wise voice to help offer council to his queen, and beloved younger sister, Caroline, as well as the rest of his siblings. The heart of an adventurer beats in his chest, and he quietly watches as his destiny continues to play out before him, and the rest of his siblings and Cousin. Whatever else should come their way, Aldric will be ready; Long spear in hand, a companion spirit by his side, his sharp eyes ever on watch for anything that might threaten him or his family.

In more recent times, Aldric has grown to love the heart of another, the bright and beautiful Princess Victoria Wrathmourne, or as she is more commonly called, “Tori”. He has only recently offered her his hand, which was joyfully accepted much to his happiness, though the pair do not yet know when they will be formally wed. He spends as much time as he can with her, as Tori presently resides under the tutelage of Aldric’s Grandfather, Master Swordmage Vardis Taur’on, her training takes precedent. Between training sessions the two can often be found walking among the gardens, or resting together by a warm hearth as the days grow ever colder, talking quietly and smiling about plans they are undoubtedly making for the future. Other times one might find the pair playing a game of chess, which usually results in Aldric being shown how many turns ago he had actually lost the match to his pretty opponent. Still he takes it in stride, smiling as he tries his best to learn from the lessons she teaches him, as he does the same for her, sharing the wisdom of the spirits he has learned with her. When not training, or spending time with Tori, he can be found in Uncle Fisher’s hall, speaking with the now freed spirit of Albert, comforting him and working to help heal Albert’s mind as much as he can. While doing this, Aldric is also taking the opportunity to learn as much as he can from Uncle Fisher about artificing and the ‘science’ of the world, so he can learn how to better heal the wounded, and sick he might meet along the path he now walks. Armed with this knowledge, Aldric is hopeful that he might be able to share the medicinal teachings of Fisher with more healers, and clerics from across the firm, and in doing so, reduce the toll of death already caused by the plague, and coming storms the kingdoms of the valley have yet to face. What will come next? Whatever, or whoever it might be, Aldric will stand firm, and face it with his family at his side.

Aldric Taur'on

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