Adelaid Douleur

Princess and so-called "Pit Viper of Mordova," she has replaced her courtier heels for the more comfortable shoes of a Swordmage apprentice (to Grandmaster Vardis), while finding time to get cozy with Prince Conner Taur'on.


Born into the tumultuous royal family of Mordova, the youngest Douleur is rumored to be the most dangerous of them all. While she may only be half-sister to the sitting king, her political skills have been his to aim as she has traveled as his kingdom’s emissary.

But, as of late, things have changed. She has left the wild world of court politics for the quiet of the Taur’onian palace in Thorn. First rumored to be training with now-ex-Queen Victoria, it is now rumored the dashing blond is actually studying under Grandmaster Vardis as a SwordMage.

However, no matter who her teacher or what man might be in her bed, no soul in the kingdoms doubts her ultimate loyalty lies with her brother, Sebastian.

Adelaid Douleur

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