• Adaron Taur'on

    Adaron Taur'on

    A hero's hero, father of the Taur'on princes and present Queen, beloved Uncle of Haven and brother of Cedric, missed by all.
  • Adelaid Douleur

    Adelaid Douleur

    Princess and so-called "Pit Viper of Mordova," she has replaced her courtier heels for the more comfortable shoes of a Swordmage apprentice (to Grandmaster Vardis), while finding time to get cozy with Prince Conner Taur'on.
  • Alistair Fisher

    Alistair Fisher

    Ex-Artificer Professor at the WestWick War College, now National Treasure of Taur'on and Beloved Uncle
  • Allison vonTaur'on

    Allison vonTaur'on

    Paladin of the Raven, Platemail-Clad Beauty, Cousin of the New Queen and Officer of the Rose Guard
  • Beatrice WrathMourn

    Beatrice WrathMourn

    With an early life of tragedy, the mother of King Luther and Princess Victoria of WrathMourne fiercely guards what she loves.
  • Blair Taur'on

    Blair Taur'on

    Elder Aunt and High Priestess of the Raven
  • Brutus Legron

    Brutus Legron

    Queen Caroline of Taur'on's Head of the Rose Guard, Mentor to Haven, and all-around awesome guy.
  • Captain Hadrian Thornwood

    Captain Hadrian Thornwood

    Dashing Taur'onian Captain of the Road, big ole flirt, troubleshooter
  • Casper Taur'on

    Casper Taur'on

    A gentle bear of a man, husband of Vivian Taur'on, father of Princess Haven Taur'on, and retired canine impersonator.
  • Cedric, The Rose Lion

    Cedric, The Rose Lion

    A bastion of strength and wisdom, Lord Captain of the Rose Guards of Taur'on, beloved brother and godfather.
  • Grandfather Vardis Taur'on

    Grandfather Vardis Taur'on

    Grand Master Swordmage, adored grandfather, and reknowned adventurer. Taur'on's wild card.
  • Gwen


    Rose Guard of the Princes
  • Luther WrathMourn, King of WrathMourn

    Luther WrathMourn, King of WrathMourn

    Wise beyond his years, the soft-spoken King of WrathMourn combines compassion, piety, and power in one convienant persona.
  • Matthew Taur'on

    Matthew Taur'on

    The overall General of Taur'on's military, the Queen's Uncle (and confirmed bachelor) is dedication personified.
  • Meluinaur, Wife of Victor Taur'on

    Meluinaur, Wife of Victor Taur'on

    An beauty even among a naturally beautiful race, this Eladrin Lady chose love over duty and, in doing so, has attained both.
  • Phenious Tanglestaff

    Phenious Tanglestaff

    The witty professor of the Lah'kolan Mage's College
  • Prince Charles Taur'on

    Prince Charles Taur'on

    'Uncle Charlie' to the new Queen of Taur'on, her siblings, and cousins, Prince Charles has left a trail of broken hearts (and victorious duels) in his wake, all to cover his regret for 'the one who got away...'
  • Princess Vivian Taur'on, Princess Adventurer

    Princess Vivian Taur'on, Princess Adventurer

    The dashing twin sister of the Queen Mother, beloved wife of Casper, mother of Haven Taur'on, and adventurer extrodinaire
  • Queen Caroline Taur'on

    Queen Caroline Taur'on

    The little sister of the party, heart of a kingdom, and new Queen of Taur'on.
  • Roland


    The Unicorn Lord of Taur'on, Chief Advisor to the Queens of the kingdom, and accidental cause of one of the Valley's biggest real estate mysteries, 'Roland's Gate.'
  • Stazia Almari

    Stazia Almari

    The adventurer-queen of Lak'hola, collector of 'interesting stuff,' and perpetual busybody
  • The Queen Mother, Victoria Taur'on

    The Queen Mother, Victoria Taur'on

    Queen Mother of Taur'on, embodyment of Taur'on nobility, and recently activated adventurer.
  • Tori Wrathmourn, Princess of WrathMourn

    Tori Wrathmourn, Princess of WrathMourn

    Beloved of her people, the sole Princess of Wrathmourn and newly acquired swordmage apprentice to the great Vardis has a lust for life that is contagious... just ask her beau, Prince Aldric!