The Verden Realms

The Adventures of the Valley

--Tales of Taur'on

Currently – there are two different games running in the Verden Realms.

The Main Game has five players, all princes and princesses of the Kingdom of Taur’on
The Second Game has only one main player, a retired adventurer that runs a tavern in the small village of ShadowHall, which sits at the corner of Dwyndon, Taur’on and Kaydia.

The Game sessions listed below are all Taur’on games = you can start the first one here! → Game Session #1

Session 18 through the Current will have to be patched, as the usual DM and Victor notes were note kept as closely. The Adventures in ShadowHall have yet to be entered as well, but will hopefully be updated in the next few weeks.

At that time – a Chart will be placed here with links to the two separate games – and the logs for each adventure.

I hope those reading enjoy!!


EverRaven EverRaven

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