The Verden Realms

GAME TIME! (March 17, 2012)

Short update here, but we did a good bit! We went to the wedding of our Uncle Matthew and his snuggly-wuggly, Lady Morlaine (Lord of Winter). It went off splendidly, followed by Harrowhowl (the underground city we rolled past last game that was mobilizing by giant gate) EXPLODING, causing an earthquake, the death of a few Winter Court scouts sent to examine the abandoned city, and a lot of worry for the newlyweds. :(

With that we jumped an airship for home, as our cargo (the souls of Viori and his knights, plus a few newly identified others such as primordial Deva/Aveds and Ashua, Father of Hobgoblins!) would not go through portals. En route, we get asked if we we would mind picking up an emergency passenger going our way. My adventurer sense kicks off, so I say sure (for a 20% cut, as we had rented the WHOLE boat!). After a few minutes, Sev realizes the plain half-elf we see is in fact The ex-Bramble Queen! She has something that she needs to get to Caroline ASAP, and as it is so important that she is willing to risk blowing cover, who are we to deny?

We get home, FINALLY! The gang figure out that my wifey Mel is preggers (YAY!) as is Caroline (YAY!). That makes people happy! We decide to try Fess’s supposed design for freeing a soul-bottled person, AKA smacking it with one of the artifact weapons keyed to their soul. She wanted us to use hers first, so we do. After some confusion, we find her, reformed, young, and healthy in the keep (with an ASTONISHED Caroline)! So, score another high-powered redhead for our side!

Now we are deciding the next step. In theory, we can get about seven of Viori’s knights, INCLUDING Viori, reanimated in the same way we did Fess. But should we? How will that upset the balance of power? Things are starting to ramp up and get a bit outta hand, especially as we find out what Sulfura (ex-Bramble Queen) had for Caroline… Sulfy had killed a deva toting a skull with an engraved Snake godmark on the inside. Using it, you can detect and track godmarked people within 200 or so yards, including filtering by deity AND type of godmark! BTW, doing that we learn that sense we left, Allison somehow gained a TRUE GODMARK?!?! She ain’t tellin’, and I ain’t askin’; if she wants my advice/insight/rambling, she knows where I am! That thar is about as personal of information as you can get!

What to DO, what to DO?!?


EverRaven Mandis13

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