The Verden Realms

Game Session #12

--For Unification!

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The Taur’on and Wrathmourn Contingents leave out of Thorn on the 4th day of the Tiger, bound for Dwyndon and Starfall. The plan is to arrive in Dwyndon for the first stage of the 200th Unification Celebration, then travel with the rest of the nobility to Starfall for the final party to be held on Unification day itself.

They pass through the city of Edge, meeting King Ivan of Reneaux and his family as well as Morgan, King of Proud Pony. These four groups ride together, as one large traveling block. Politically, this says a lot – these guys will stand together.

Caroline is actually quite the spectacle – most have never seen the teenager at all. This really is a “coming out” party for her. And Roland has demanded that he accompany – so a beautiful red-headed princess riding a unicorn is quite the sight. But, what most seem to notice is that Caroline doesn’t seem the sickly child that most said – and she isn’t. She has finally found her nitch – she’s a Ardent, another form of Aesthetic like her brother, Victor. However, aesthetic power is rare, and she’s decided to keep it hidden from the other kingdoms for now. But, she’s also discovered that they get this through blood – for Fess the Bold was an aesthetic as well, a battlemind. Caroline hopes to find out more in Starfall.

During this time, Victor has fallen rather quickly head over heals for Mel. She has tried desperately to get him into her bedroom – only to discover he has what he calls “Family Solidarity” – if his little sister has to wait till marriage, so will he. This is rather frustrating to the fae – very frustrating. Victor makes up for it by proposing – and asking if she’ll help him with a devious little plan. VERY devious! The rest of the players are left to wonder what he’s up to.

As well, everyone in the Taur’onian crew is a bit worried – Princess Vivian was to go over the mountains near Stavros with her group. But no word has been heard from them at all. While Victoria doesn’t want to admit it- it is very clear she is very worried about her sister.

The troop arrives in Dwyndon promptly – on the 15th of the Tiger. Festivities are held, parties begin – and everyone finally gets to meet these kings, queens, princes and princesses they have always heard of. The list is long – they desperately try to take notes.

Everyone is a bit on edge – for you see – the Gypsies are here as well. They have requested permission to perform two plays. One in Dwyndon, which will be a new play. One in Starfall, which will be the newest sensation, “The Death of Adaron.”

Everyone gathers for this first play- and many are stunned when they realize the subject – the Orc Siege upon WhiteHold some 19 years back. All eyes turn to Beatrice, one of the very few survivors. She sits expressionless, watching. And the story seems to be about her – everyone is entranced… for the Gypsies show a meeting between Beatrice and the son of the Orc Chief she felled. They meet at the body of the fallen orc, and discuss how unfortunate it is they can not stop this matter. The two part as friends, with the understanding they must try to kill one another in the morning. Of course, the morning brings the gypsy saviors instead… The play is a rousing success. And Beatrice stands, looks to her friend Victoria and says, “I need a drink.” The two proceed to get completely drunk that night as the children meet important folks throughout the kingdoms…

After the first stage of parties, the Valley Nobles all travel the 9 days to Starfall. They arrive in Starfall and are taken aback by the amazing structure of the city – as well as its obvious decline. The nobles are all “housed” in a tent city structure on the outskirts of town – but the parade into the city square weaves about, trying to keep the dilapidated structures from prying eyes.

The first night, the Death of Adaron is held. However, as the final movement begins (and Queen Victoria tries her best not to sob openly in front of all these people) the last song, her solo piece, has changed. The light dims, and a shadowed figure dressed as the Queen begins to play the same violin solo… however, midway through, another spotlight strikes a figure high above, playing the cello, plays accompaniment. It is Adaron – telling his love he misses her, but that he is always with her. As the song ends, a standing ovation erupts.

And on the stage, Victor takes off his wig – while Mel, standing on high, removes her costume as well. The place goes crazy.

Victor explains to his family that he and Mel have been working on this for months. He felt that his mother’s sorrow wasn’t the right way to end it. Not at all – it was important to know that his father was always there, watching over them. He suggested the change to the gypsies and they were thrilled to have him perform it with them.

His mother hugs him, and tells him his ending was perfect.

Mel’s grandfather and the HighLady of Winter are also in attendance. The HighLady Morralain presents Victor with a small box she was sent to deliver. Inside, is Victor’s Coin… the very token used to claim a fae to a court. She explains that it belongs to him – he may give it to who he pleases. Victor gives it to Mel with a grin… Mel’s grandfather does the same – and Mel’s appearance changes rather dramatically over the next few days. Instead of being an obvious fall fae, Mel now seems to reflect the season she is in. As she puts it -means she gets a lot larger wardrobe with her hair changing colors all the time!

That night, they also meet a new addition to their household. Their teacher, the Deva known as Steven, has been given a charge to care for – a rather scatterbrained and frighteningly shy Deva named Erendira. It seems that an elder Deva by the name of Ixtoc feels that Steven will be able to assist the poor girl – for she is a sad case among their people. She has no memory of her past self. It has made her a broken and lost creature, a pitiful site actually. Steven is rather afraid of the girl – and worried this was a bad choice – but, he does not argue with Ixtoc and takes the girl in.

The next morning, Caroline gets the crew to take her to the center park of Starfall – a circular area where statutes to Viori and all his Knights are erected. She is met by King Ivan (who is also descended from Fess the Bold) and the two actually seem to talk to Fess’ statue for a few minutes. INteresting!

The Unification Party is held on the 18th of the Dragon, a large ball in the main ballroom of King Ulrich’s palace. Aldric sees an amazing site – the ghost of the murdered king stands in the ballroom! He even speaks to Aldric, and seems to be waiting for something. He tells Aldric, he is bound there until he can finish his duty to his kingdom.

After a few political moves, a stupid fight breaking out to the side, and a bit of dancing, the party begins to wind down. That would be when the door opens… and in strides… Salkana? Their Great-Grandmother?

And an ORC?!?!?!?!


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