The Verden Realms

Game Session #11

--To Home

(GM description)

The crew wakes in DeerFoot, and continues their talks with King Luther and his mother, Beatrice. The two explain they are worried some great calamity is coming, Conner’s dreams only strengthen that worry. They set out for Proud Pony’s capital, Merra – and stay only a short time. They then head for Taur’on.

They make excellent time once they hit the Eryndel… they seem to be traveling faster than normal, and feel they are under watchful eye. The kingdom guards that met them, mostly men of the Road, tell the family to not worry – they are safe. They aren’t so sure about the Wrathmourn folks wink

The night before they arrive in Taur’on, Luther stands and says he must talk to someone – he leaves into the woods, alone. No explanation and his mother and guards seem quite troubled; but he comes back, happy and unscathed with a “The matter is fine, worry not.”

The crew spends the next week or so showing Luther their city, Thorn. They discover a lot of interesting information about Luther’s family – including a rather interesting secret. Seems Charlie and Beatrice used to be an item when they were kids, even engaged! But, Beatrice arrived early to her winter visit, and caught Charlie fooling around on her. She left the court in anger, telling Charlie she never wanted to see him again. That winter was the dark winter of Beatrice’s tale, and by spring she was married to Raphael Wrathmourn. Ah, gossip! Also, they are privy to a rather solemn meeting – during Luther’s 18 birthday party, they are introduced to the true power of the Eryndel, a race of plant-like creatures that apparently also dwell in the forest that Luther protects. Very interesting!

The game session ends


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