The Verden Realms

Game Session #1

--and so it begins

Players: All cast members are family – The boys are all the children of the Queen of Taur’on (Queen Victoria II) while the one girl is the only child of her twin sister, Vivian. Players are, in order of age:

The Triplets (age 18):
Victor – (Eladrin Monk)
Aldric — (Half Elf Shaman)
Felix (Elven Rogue)

Vivian’s Daughter (age 17.9999999):
Haven (Human Warden)

and the Queen’s Twins (age 15):
Conner (Half-elf Bard)
Caroline (NPC, future Queen of Taur’on, and loving little sister)

Yes – the Queen has a mix-matched set of kiddies – but when your mother was a half-elf, your dad an eladrin and you married an elf yourself? Your kids tend to be a bit, well, eclectic.

Now – the last important detail about these children, they all bear the mark of a god. These “godmarks” are rare, and it is uncommon for anyone to even discuss the fact they actually bear one upon their person. Throughout history, it is said those that bear one will be destined to do great things. Great good, great evil – but great things. The marks are, in order as they are listed above, Owl, Raven, Coyote, Wolf, Stag and Rabbit. There is no doubt that this is the most important secret these children carry with them – for if it was discovered that they had one mark? SIX MARKS? The religious and political ramifications are terrifying.

The first game begins on the 4th day of the Wolf:
The kids are heading into town, news had arrived the Haven’s parents would soon be arriving (well, news as in Conner always seems to know these things – the mark of Lord Stag has gifted him with odd foresight… and unfortunate seizures as well) and they love to be at the gates when they get there. To their surprise, Vivian and Casper were also accompanied by King Merlyn and Queen Cynthia of Proud Pony – well, King no more. Merlyn announces he has abdicated for his son, Morgan – and wants to spend the winter in Taur’on to let his son get his feet without “daddy” about. The kids love Uncle Merlyn – so it rocks to have him about the entire time.

The town is preparing for the Howling Festival (5 days of performance and music – starts on the 10th). As they walk through the streets, Vivian and Casper tease the kids about birthday presents – do they wait for Haven’s birthday to pass them all out – even though the other kids have already had their birthday? Or do they give Haven hers early? Answer at dinner! Family all heads up to the house were happy is held by all. Caroline is working on her new Warlord training skills (which aren’t going well) – and the family watches until dinner – presents are passed out (and Haven giggles over her new Axe). During the dinner, Conner discovers that he can somehow can absorb languages – as he suddenly understands halfling for no reason. Victor also decides to risk informing his Aunt and Uncle about his new found powers – Victor has discovered he is not a swordmage as the family hoped – but… an Aesthetic.

5th of the Wolf:
The Gypsies arrive, and make a grand spectacle of their coming. They even come to court to properly introduce themselves, and request the royal family attend their play on the first night. Queen has requested that they perform for her niece Haven’s birthday party (on the 11th) to which they agree, for a price. They quietly discuss this with the Queen, and the children only know that she accepts their price… whatever this must be.

6th of the Wolf:
The Elven emissaries from both Bright Hope and Lion’s Gate arrive to prepare for diplomatic discussions with Fario – Queen Victoria will administer over this in hopes to bring them to an agreement over border disputes. Unfortunately for the children, its simply more time at court with annoying politics. They watch a bit of Elven court political put downs, and Haven discovers flirting boys will flirt with BOTH princesses if told. Poor Eitienn. He didn’t mean to tick her off :(

7th of the Wolf:
I swear to the gods they solved a 58 year old murder mystery in about an hour. Doesn’t hurt the guy playing Aldric is actually a cop, heh? :) They put to rest a spirit that Aldric had been seeing lately (Yes, he sees dead people – did I mention all of them are touched a bit?) – and discover she had been murdered by someone that married one of their long dead great-aunts. IN-teresting. Did we mention this great-aunt was also murdered? Because she killed her elder sister who would have been queen? MORE interesting! Cult activity in town? Old and probably over.. but is it?

8th of the Wolf:
Airship arrives with Fario guests (who are there to talk in a neutral location with the elves) and Stazia Almari from Lah’kola. MANY interesting things occur that deal with a goblin lich (named Ashurta), a dragon and interesting conversation over dinner. Suffice to say it was awesome roleplay.

9th of the Wolf:
Practice day – light roleplay – it is decided that the kids will accompany their Aunt and Uncle to go to WrathMourn. The young king, Luther, has asked that the Taur’on family foster his little sister, Victoria (named, in fact, after Queen Victoria – she was childhood friends with Luther’s mother, Beatrice). Tori will be 14 on her birthday, and Luther feels she could use some exposure to a happier court than his. The kids can go on the airship, and bring her back after Haven’s birthday. The Queen figures they can use a little adventure – and adventure she can control is a good thing.

10th of the Wolf:
First day of the Howling. They arrive for the performance only to discover that their box has been moved WAY to the front of the show. Kids are being hand picked by the gypsy to sit in front of their box and in front of the stage. As the show begins, a lead actor comes forward and teaches the children a little rhyme-sing-song-hand-clap routine. He then pulls out a violin and begins to play – the Queen, paying that debt off, pulls out her own violin and begins to play and move toward stage. She and the gypsy play a stunning duet to the delight of the crowd, then she sits among the rest of the orchestra. Then, the play gets started.

For those that have read the entries – the Queen’s Consort, Adaron, died 8 years ago. (Almost to the day – she buried him on the morning of the Howling) His troops saved the adjoining eladrin city from certain destruction – and he protected his men’s retreat – dying to save them. His death was devastating to the Queen, and the people of Taur’on – for he was a true hero – and died as one. It takes only a moment before the crowd realizes the Gypsies have written a new play – “The Heroic Deed of Adaron.”

As the play wears on, the Queen is still performing in the orchestra. Occasionally, her family notes she will turn to see what is occurring on stage, and realize that was a bad idea and continue watching her sheet music. As the death scene ends, the entire crowd is in tears – their father’s best friend and their protectors are in tears beside them (big guys trying not to be noticed sniffing into their shoulders) and the entire city is sobbing. As the actors lead the dead Adaron back to his Queen – the Queen herself stands, all light focuses on her as she plays a solo piece, reflecting the sorrow of her heart at the loss of her love. This is where a few of my own players almost cried on me. As she stops, the light dims from her. The stage is black for a moment until the gypsy that started everything is suddenly back on stage – he gives a stirring eulogy, and then he starts up the children’s sing-song again – and everyone realizes, not only have they gypsies written a play – they have crafted a new children’s rhyme. Adaron’s story will live forever.

The game ends with the family escorting their mother back home, tears on her sleeve but feeling rather better with her family and city understanding her grief. Course, the bottle of wine she bought won’t hurt much.

next game? BIRTHDAY BASH!


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