The Verden Realms

Another quick update (Feb. 25, 2012)

Well, the good news is that the yaduah that Haven slapped us through took us exactly where we thought it would. The BAD news is that the place we went to is the main road in the Underfoot, used primarily by Formori ARMIES, and that we would have to sneak through the capital city of the Formori (Harrowhowl) to get to a safe exit point in any allowable time frame.

Well, at least we were hard to find. A combination of magic made us all but untrackable magically, and we had been transmuted to look like drow/helvani for this trip. Our disguises were holding, except for ONE rather important detail (I’ll come back to that).

We ID’d our swag (evil artifact sword, CHECK. bloodthirsty assassin-based possessed ioun stone? CHECK!), and kept moving as best we could. At the first main fork in the road, we hit one of our real weak points; sounds of people getting wailed on by bullies. Team Waffle (Victor and Felix) stealthed up to look, and lo and behold, a formori lord (huge), six formori guards (large), four drow (scouts), and two undead drow (scary) holding six slaves. Listening in, they were waiting to sell the slaves to a large goblinoid caravan we passed a few hours earlier.

LE SIGH. LOGICALLY, with a bag full of DESTINY over my shoulder, we should have just left them. That was the smart, responsible thing to do. What we were carrying was more important than slaves. BUT

…we have to be able to sleep at night with our decisions. After a brief attempt at negotiations, we jumped them. We lucked out that the large-sized guards were minions, but still had to play it smart. Mid-fight, we popped the female wizard-type (Jennifer Morgan’s guest star, Brie) out of her bonds, and the fight got way easier.

After the fight, we got a good distance away, and teleport circled to get them home, but kept Brie with us. She had lost everything during the upheavals in the fey court, and sensed a good deal when she saw one. We got her geared up, and her ability to actually SPEAK DROW (the one language we DIDN’T have in the party!), enabled us to sneak around Harrowhowl (three whole Formori ARMIES massed around a stargate-sized teleport circle! And when they ‘tested’ the connection, a primordial yuan-ti was on teh other side!) and make it to the area controlled by Shawn’s character Von’ro’s mom, our ally Lady Morlaine, Ruler of the Winter Court.

Step one done. Next: a couple weeks for Morlaine’s wedding to our Uncle Matthew, then the physical journey to get the BACKPACK OF SOULS back to safety!


EverRaven Mandis13

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