The Verden Realms

A Quick Update (Feb. 10, 2012)

Its been awhile, and some amazing stuff has happened. But what we are doing right now with the “Royal Pains” group, hands down, is the most ridiculously hazardous and critically important thing we have ever done.

We are currently in possession of a large bag full of soul jars. We stole them from the enemies that have been manipulating history to play their sick game, and thus are some of the most powerful players in known reality. These people, when angered in the past, have destroyed entire SPECIES of sentinents, and we just took a few of their most prized trophies.

Among the stolen soul jars (and our actual targets) are the souls of Viori and every one of his Knights (save Mord). Which leads me to believe the other ones we have are also probably prisoners as well.

To escape, we had to use Haven’s new-found ability to open yaduahs to jump into the dark area of the Fae realm (The Underfoot). Ya know, the place where the Fomorians hold sway.

So, to clarify, we pissed off the biggest power players in existence by stealing the souls of the greatest heroes of our valley, escaping to an area we have no maps of or friends in but a whole race of evil giants and their minions who absolutely, positively HATE our family. Seriously, our our Dad/Uncle is one of their most hated enemies of the past, and our uncle, Matthew and Shawn’s character’s mom, Morlaine, just beat them like eggs at the Summer (now Winter) Isle.

That is how you do it!


EverRaven Mandis13

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