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The League of Knowledge
  has spent many generations attempting to understand the Verden Realms, the interwoven planes that the races call home. In the heart of the ancient city of Allestia, a great tower rises to the sky; home to the League and their quest for understanding. It is said that within the tower’s walls one might find great maps, odd floating disks and a myriad of other attempts to depict the reality of the Realms. But how does one explain the unexplainable? One tries.

There are two main Planes, the Firm and the Dream, that house the races of the Realms. Within these planes, under their surface, lies the Shadow and the Underfoot, respectively. Connecting our two planes is the Great Tween, a band of magical power said to be the source of creation itself.

Upon the surface of the Firm dwell the “terran” races. Great kingdoms of man and orc are nestled between mountain ranges while elven lords built homes in the quiet forests. However, if one travels past the cave cities of the dwarves, they will have entered into the underground land of Shadow, home to darker creatures that abhor the light.

At first glance, the Plane of Dream seems to mirror that of The Firm. Yet, rather than great plains and vast mountains, one finds eternal forests and dark waters. The “fae” races call this place home and upon it the Eladrin have crafted great cities of wonder and magic. Yet, Underfoot one finds the might of the Formori lords and the power of the dark-hearted Helvani.

How does one travel between the Firm and the Dream? One must find a weak place tween, what are called Yahduahs. These portals between the realms are varied in their size, shape, color and length. It seems most Yahduahs have chaotic and fickle natures, appearing and disappearing with no rhyme or reason. Across both realms, there are even some Yahduahs that have gained fame – such as the Summer Isle of Lah’kola, the Chaos Portal of Renselki, the Darkest Hole within Turnmold Mount and Roland’s Gate of Thorn. However, that has not stopped such groups as the SideStep Society from trying to plot and understand the temperament of Yahduahs.

For, as any dweller of the Realms will tell you, knowledge of the truth is worth more gold than any king might own. Great adventurers and heroes seek out the coin of truth throughout the land, hoping to find some piece of knowledge that will unlock the secrets that the League desires. Kings hope to find the truth behind legends, so that they may lead, conquer and rule. And even the simplest of farmers hopes to find the truth of his existence, the reason the great gods have put him in this world.

Truth is the magical talisman of power that all men seek, yet few will see even a glimpse of it.